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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why now?

As an administrator with 14 years of dealing with families in the school setting I realize the tug at my heartstrings is in the interactions with students and families, ages 4-14.  I especially connect with the angst and frustrations that middle school students project to everyone around them.  Maybe because I'm still a 14 year old at heart?

I'm enjoying these interactions within the school setting and certainly plan to stay there for a few more years at least.  So, now the question is why did I look at making a future shift into counseling at a time when people my age are discussing retirement?

You could say the typical baby boomer generalization that has us with an unending work ethic! Or, maybe you'd say we are afraid of the aging that is is looming over the next couple of birthdays!? I think for each of us looking back at a lifetime of care taking it is impossible to consider just stopping one day.  For me the wind down of my 6th decade of living should still consider helping others and what better way than to grab from my own life experiences and share with others. I see these years as the years for assisting my own family of 6 children and husband of course, but as adults they don't need me all the time.  There is a world and a culture of stressed and confused individuals that really just need tools to understand their own reactions and believe it or not I'm finding that most people can seek their own solutions!  Their direction just needs nudging and nuancing to help them discover their best potential.

The lyrics of Michael W. Smith's tribute to Cassie Bernall, who was martyred for her faith at Columbine certainly speak for her short life...but I believe the speak to each of us everyday!

This is your time, this is your dance
live every moment leave nothing to chance
embrace the mystery of all you can be
this is your time

Micheal W. Smith This Is Your Time. (C) 2004 In memory of Cassie Bernall